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What's Woolamaloo?

Woolamaloo is a general-purpose utility designed to help you configure and manage an iTunes U site—it's the right tool for you whether you're a seasoned iTunes U administrator or someone completely new to iTunes U.

Woolamaloo screen shot

Simply put, Woolamaloo can access your iTunes U site without requiring that you construct a web portal or any transfer CGI—it accesses your site directly from the desktop. What's more, Woolamaloo knows how to access iTunes U using your administrator credential—in fact, Woolamaloo can access your iTunes U site using any credential. Designing your iTunes U site while constructing a set of credentials (and configuring your web portal, if you're using a portal) can be a tough task for a new administrator. Woolamaloo allows you to access your site while you work on your design and your web portal—and it helps you debug any problems with either.

But even if you already have your portal website and transfer CGI working, Woolamaloo remains helpful as a debugging tool. For example, Woolamaloo can verify that any changes you've made to your CGI continue to generate the URLs that Apple's iTunes Store expects. And along with its own debugging powers, Woolamaloo allows you to easily inspect Apple/s iTunes U debugging web page.

Finally Woolamaloo offers a number of other useful features apart from those already mentioned. For example, you can use Woolamaloo to upload content to an iTunes U site, or even display and browse your iTunes U site's XML.

Download Woolamaloo

Woolamaloo disk image (dmg) file

Please note that Woolamaloo is a Core Data application and requires a Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger") or later. Woolamaloo has been tested, and is known to work with, Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard").

Woolamaloo and Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6)

If you're running Mac OS X 10.6 otherwise known as Snow Leopard, pleause use this version of Woolamaloo and this version of the Woolamaloo Automator actions.

Woolamaloo for Snow Leopard

Woolamaloo Automator Actions for Snow Leopard

iTunes U Access

An earlier version of Woolamaloo was known as "iTunes U Access". The data model that Woolamaloo uses is an augmented form of the one that iTunes U Access used. If you need to access files created with iTunes U Access, you can download that application here.


Woolamaloo's sister application is MACE Edit. MACE Edit is useful for designing and re-editing your set of iTunes U credentials. Using MACE Edit, you edit a credential using GUI tokens. Tokens are easily moved and rearranged. The result is a set of MACE URNs that are in the correct format for iTunes U. MACE Edit also contains a great search facility.

Please visit the MACE Edit web page for more information on MACE Edit.

Woolamaloo Listserv

I have created a listserv for you to discuss problems, workarounds, solutions, and whatever else you'd like to when it comes to using Woolamaloo with iTunes U. Subscribing is easy.

Yes, the Windows version is done!

Really, honest and for true! Here's a screen capture of the running application to prove it:

Woolamaloo screen shot

I promise that that is not a doctored picture, but the real deal! The Windows version of Woolamaloo is a bona-fide .NET 2.0 application written in glorious C# (I feel so...unclean). I know more about Visual Studio 2005 than is probably good for a man or woman. Good for the resume, bad for the soul. You can download the Windows version using this link: Woolamaloo for Windows

The Woolamaloo Automator Actions

As an iTunes U administrator, you likely already know how to manage your site using Apple's iTunes desktop application. And while iTunes is powerful, simple and straightforward to use, it can become cumbersome, even tedious, to do so whenever you need to make more than just a handful of changes to your iTunes U site.

In order to help administrators perform routine maintenance on their sites, Apple has made a web services interface to iTunes U available. The difficulty, however, using the web service is its seeming complexity—especially for non-programmers or those not well-versed with XML tools, such as XMLSchema and XQuery.

That is where the Woolamaloo Automator actions can help. The Woolamaloo actions encapsulate many of the iTunes U web services in a form that non-programmers can easily use—a set of Mac OS X Automator actions. The Woolamaloo actions can be configured using Apple's desktop workflow tool, Automator, and can be combined to perform routine iTunes U administrative tasks—even tasks of arbitrary complexity.

Download the Woolamaloo Automator Actions

Woolamaloo Automator Actions 2.0 Beta

The Woolamaloo Automator Actions version 2.0 are near completeion. If you would like to experiment with them now, I'm going to post the actions and documentation here as I complete it. The following are links to the individual actions and documentation:


Prod, Cajole, Praise, Complain, Ask, or Say Hi

If you want to say hi, or "encourage" me to get cracking on a Windows version of the Woolamaloo, drop me a line here.

Why's it called "Woolamaloo"?

Woolamaloo is named in honor of a Monty Python sketch. If you listen closely, you can hear John Cleese says he's from The University of Woolamaloo.

T-Shirts 'n' Stuff

I know this sounds weirdly egocentric, but people really have asked about Woolamaloo t-shirts and such. I'm all about giving the customer what he/she wants, so I've setup a CafePress site for this kind of swag. Although some have generously suggested I take a small cut from each t-shirt sold, I decided against it. I've been compensated for my work on Woolamaloo in many, many, ways. What you pay is what CafePress charges. So if you'd like a shirt, look here for Woolamaloo Swag.



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